Customize Navision by end-user

Hello all,

I'm French hope you will understand my English.
We plan to customize Navision for our needs.
We have two Navision 2015 , one French and one Spanish and as the accounting is  Anglo-Saxon we need to customize the application to feel like a French/Spanish accounting.
We need specific report and function.
We start with local French and Spanish partner but the cost per day between 500/1000€ and every modification take days, make us think to do this internaly
At the same time the UK compagny is customizing Nav to fit our Business and we will in futur have this application.

Seems then that we need  granule(7200) to modify Navision

Do we need a Granule per Navision or just one and  order object in the Navision production server.

I saw that Granule 7110,7120,7130 are prerequisite for Granule 7200,  we need to buy these ? for all the Navision ?
What will be aproximatly the cost of all the granule needs to do internal dev.

I'm a Powerbuilder/MSSQL dev since 17 years and just need one developer license of powerbuilder for all the project.
Seem not to be like that in Navision



  • Hi Yann and Welcome to DUG,
    Developing in Navision is really not like anything else. And if you as a customer needs to do more than customizing tables, pages or reports.

    The basic granules (7110, 7120 and 7130) are the designers, that in all newer versions are included in the license.
    7200 is the Application Builder, which allow you to modify most of the system. If you also need to customize "protected" areas (like posting codeunits etc), then you also need 7300 Solution Developer. But then it starts to get expensive. The exact price depends on you country version and a few other factors. But the Application Builder is about USD 8000, and the Solution Developer about USD 28000. If you only need to create new reports an maybe a few fields, then the designers are enough. If you need to do more or change the way NAV actually works, then you need more.

    But which version are you using today? You say "Anglo-Saxon" - there is no such in NAV. So does it mean you're using the UK or the WorldWide (W1) version? If that is the case, and you're trying to use it for a French and a Spanish company, then you most like have a lot of issues with missing functionality. Each version of NAV is localized for a single market, including that single markets statutory requirements. I'm currently working on a project where we are doing just that (using one country version for companies in other countries), and its a big job - takes lots of hours. Both analysis and development.

    My advise to you is NOT to go out and buy the granules to do the development your self. Once you have the license, then you first need to learn how to use it. And while 17 years of PowerBuilder/SQL will help you, then its still just like starting all over again. It takes years to master NAV fully. Personally I have done it for 27 years! You may be able to learn enough to use it in a couple of months.

    If you still consider to down this road, then my I suggest that you look up Mark Brummels/NAVSkills master classes. They offer a great way to get to a rather high level in a short time.
  • In reply to Erik P. Ernst:

    First thank a lot for your time.
    I have order a Training with a French compagny to save time in learning and benefit of the trainer experience.
    "Anglo-Saxon" : the way of doing accounting is not the same way in France and Spain than in UK, there is some difference, i can't truly explain (i'm not an expert) but financial guy when he saw the application search function/report, he used to.
    We have installed the Spanish and the French version of Navision 2015.
    Thank again
  • In reply to Yann1234:

    Well of course there are differences in the way financial reports looks and feels. But if you already have the Spanish and French localized versions, then these should already be in a generally accepted format.
    Otherwise if only a few financial reports, then an alternative to make big customization's and/or new RDLC reports, then have you looked at the options you have using Account Schedules?

    I am currently working on a project to use the same NAV installation for all our subsidiaries globally. The main challenge is not handling how the reports look, but especially all the small "tweaks" to handle local statutory requirements around tax/vat calculations. Local financial reports for companies who cannot use the default reports, are typically done using account schedules.