SAP 6.0 to NAV 2017. Tips please

We have two companies merging one of which has SAP. We want to move that company over to our NAV 2017 system. And I'm looking for tips on how to approach this. Both companies are quite small (10 users each).

Company 1: SAP 6.0 EHP6 (7.31)
Company 2: NAV 2017

My questions:
1. Are there any handy documents or tools available?

2. Is it 'just' a matter of hiring a SAP specialist and a NAV specialist and put them together?

3. What preparation homework can the SAP company do to prepare for the data move?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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  • There are couple of ways you can handle this.

    First and foremost step is to map the fields between NaV and SAP.

    1. You can export data from SAP to excel and then you can build your configuration package in NAV and import the data into NAV.

    2. you can read SAP data via SQL but you have to be very careful how you read the data and then you can use the SQL import option to import the data into NAV which is very fast.
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