Document clearing in general ledger NAV 2009 R2

NAV 2009 R2

A general ledger a/c has 100 lines. However only 10 lines are relevant. How do I clear the 90 lines of record that are no longer relevant. Like in SAP, I could clear those 90 lines with a t.code FB05.

Anyway to do this in NAV 2009.

  • You have to make a reversal entry using general journal for those remaining 90 lines for the G/L account you are referring too., these entries will wash each of these entries and bring the balance to 0.
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    Thanks for the reply. The net value of the 90 lines already equals to zero. I was thinking more in the line of make the 90 lines disappear.

    In SAP, when we clear the 90 line items, they get flagged as cleared transactions. Thus opening the GL line item balances, only shows uncleared items.