after posting the invoice, anyway to reverse the posting?

Sorry all,

I would like to know after we post the invoice (due to system crash or error, only half of the data is posted in...)

anyway to reverse the posting?

  • Hi ,

    You can do a credit memo .

    But you should ellaborate on what you mean "half posted" .

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    Hi Gabor,

    Yeah.. for the normal invoice if want to reverse it .. we issue credit memo...

    but in this case, the posting is only happened "half way"

    refer to the print screen for normal invoice, the data should be posted to the following tables:

    but in my case, the invoice is posted to :
    Posted Purchase Invoice, G/L Entry, Value Entry, and WHT Entry only.. so it is half way posted.
    It didn't post to Vendor Ledger Entry, Detailed vendor ledger Entry, GST entry,
    so we are not able to issue the credit memo for this case, as the data is not go to Vendor ledger table.

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    This case you will need to manually complete the missing lines , though this is rather risky and very manual.

    Standard tools wont help here.

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    How did you achieve that?

    In standard NAV a transaction is either complete or non-existing at all.

    Except if a COMMIT is stated in the code somewhere.
    Which btw is the reason why you should not use COMMIT unless you are 100% sure of what you are doing.
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    Hi Anfinnur,
    Yeah, when my account ppl doing posting, my other staff run some "update analysis view" of the periodic activities he need to do after office hour to update the account's table.
    I believe this activity locked some of the table and my account staff will facing difficulty in posting where only half of the step has been post and half of it has been stopped due to some table is not accessible.
    I am not sure about the "commit" code, anywhere to find it?
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    COMMIT is a command used in NAV-developing/programming.
    If you do program in C/AL and do not know what COMMIT is, do not use it.

    NAV as standard should not make it possible to have part-transactions.
    I have been working with NAV for many years now and with serveral versions; and only thing I have experienced is either complete-transaction or no-transaction. Never part-transaction. Unless some stupid modification is made in the application, of course.
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    Hi Anfinnur,

    yeah... is part-transaction... i am not sure but i heard the navision that i am use now is customized by someone before.
    Anyway. thanks for your helps and ideas.