How to schedule an export from Nav 5.0 SP1

Hi there!

I'm from the BI world...

I have a client who need to do some reporting based on data from Nav 5.0 SP1. We have not decided which BI platform to use, yet - but most likely it would be Tableau or Power BI.

Nevertheless, the report will present sales figures and prices on customers, sales men, regions, product lines ect. in charts and (heat)maps.

Thing is, we need to extract data from nav and convert into a usefull datasource e.g. csv, excel, txt or a SQL database.

And we would like to set up / schedule data extract to run every week.

Are there any good / standard / recommend approaches?

Are there any out-of-the box opportunities to setup schedules with data extracts in Nav 5.0? Or do can we use scripting from SSIS or PowerShell or something else?

  • Hello,

    just write the information into a table in NAV or export it to CSV.

    And for the scheduling you could use the job queue. I have never tried it in NAV 5.0 but it should work.

    Another approach would be to make JOB in SQL and prepare the data into a table.

    For reporting i would recommend to first try Excel with Powerpivot.

    Another option would be Seal Report. (It's not very known to alot of people, which is very strange.)
    It is open source(free) and has some mobility too. It has some options like sending periodic mails with reports and so on. . .

    For me those 2 do the job in NAV 2013 R2.

    I personally think that BI tools like Tableau are overrated because they do the same things or less than free or selfwritten tools.

    best regards,
    Thomas Barbut
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