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NAV 2009 - Scotland/ UK Training Providers

Good morning,

We have been using NAV for a few years but this was implemented via a third party and our IT department have since been administering this and making some changes based on company requirements.

However, the business has changed quite a bit and we need to reconfigure NAV to reflect this so we're looking for more knowledge in configuration of it, etc as it is mostly self taught or coming from the third party on their setup.

Could anyone recommend any good UK training providers (preferably in Scotland) that run introductory courses through to configuration and administration so we can get all department members to the same level of knowledge? We'd also be looking for developer training but obviously the other types of training mentioned would be better first.

Thanks in advance.
  • Hi

    Sorry I do not know of any but we do provide on site Dynamics Nav training and below is a link to our training web page and a download is on this page confirming what modules we provide training on.

    But we are based in the East Midlands and therefore not Scotland. But we do travel all over the UK.

    Hope this is of interest.