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Local LEGAL Requirements: THAILAND

Dear all,

I am currently going to start an implementation in our subsidiary in Thailand.

In that connection I am looking for a list and description of what LEGAL requirements there are in the area of sales of services and items in Thailand. I am talking about pure legal requirements, NOT requirements due to the typical market situation in Thailand. So primary I expect the requirements to be in the are of tax and tax reporting. But it could also be requirements in the format of invoices (like in all EU countries you must always print delivery date and VAT no. on all invoices).

We are going to use Navision 4.00, but we will NOT be using the local Thailand version, and we will also not just be comparing the Thailand version with the World Wide version as this will not give us the right picture, as you also have local marke localizations. So on this level it doesn't really matter what version or what package we are talking about. This thread is very general for all ERP systems.

So if you have knowledge of this, please help me in building up this information here in the user group.