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Best way to learn about posting routines

Whats the best way to learn about posting routines? The most logical thing is debugging and stepping through the code or experience. But, is there a better way of learning it. Like is there a book that is written by Microsoft or another user that sorta gives a basic outline of the all the major codeunits, reports, etc that program goes through to create for instance purchase invoice, sales invoice, deposits, FA. Or the order in which the ledger entries get created. For example, if we are doing a purchase invoice/payment, is the system going to create VLE first, tax entries 2nd, g/l entry 3rd??? Alot of the users here have been working with NAV for years, how did you guyz learn it? Was it brute force method, where you sat in front of computer and debugged the code?? Or is there a smart and more efficient way of doing this.