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MB7-840 Questions

Hello guys,

Confused in the following questions please help me.

1. if u have created one function called ChangeValues(Var First:Integer Second:Integer)

First := 10;

Second := 10;


Now u call this function via ChangeValues(A,B);

Where A := 1;

B := 2;

so what will be the value of A and B???

A : A=1,B=1

B: A=10,B=10

C. A=1 B=10

D. A=10, B=1

2. What can not be directly run from object designer?(select only 2)

A. Page

B. Codeunite

C. XMLport

D. MenuSuite

3. Which function can not affected by filters?




4.What types of option we can get while previewing the report?