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The future of NAV

There have been many lines written on NAV and its future. It would seem that Microsoft have at last pulled their rabbit from the hat with NAV 2013, which has been released to market with rave reviews.  It would certainly seem to be a fabulous time to be a NAV Sales Person!

NAV has always been a great solution for the SME market and it to date has offered the Partners an excellent business where NAV can be tailored to clients’ specific business needs.  The Partners in turn have built up teams of highly qualified consultants and developers to provide this bespoke solution. 

Dynamics NAV is also now the dominant solution in this space and more often than not competition on new business is between the Partners!


With this excellent product developed over the last 15 years, it would seem slightly bonkers to change the target market to the smallest of companies and disregard the current solution and the traction gained to date. Naturally Microsoft is only concerned with license revenue, rather than the process.  One wonders if they have heard of killing the goose that lays the golden egg. 

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