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Dynamics Ax survey: Share your experience of implementation, migration/upgrade or development projects

Hi Everyone,

If you are an integrator or user of Microsoft Dynamics AX or formerly Microsoft Axapta, I am looking for your opinion. I am gathering information from both sides of any implementation project: the integrator-VAR and the customer-end user.

Please share your experiences in the migration/upgrade/development of projects and your view points regarding the quality and methodology that surrounds AX/Axapta.

Two (2) questionnaires are available online. One for the customers and the other for the partners (integrators, VAR, ...)

--> Questionnaire for customers:

--> Questionnaire for partners:

The survey takes no more than 7 minutes to answer. It is completely confidential and the results will be used to improve the development side of Microsoft Dynamics AX/Axapta. The questionnaire will be closing at the end of December, requests for the summarized results will be available during that time.

If you have any suggestions to improve the questionnaire or any proposed questions you would like to have answered through the questionnaire, please do not hesitate to reply to this topic or to send me your feedback at

Thank you for your interest and participation.