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MB7-842 Exam - What to expect?

What is the exam like? Is it entirely multiple choice? Chunks of blank boxes for me to type paragraphs of text? Do I need to create a database for the trade and inventory records, and perform calculations?

I learned Navision back in college when I had access to the software. Now I don't have access to the software anymore. Just a copy of a Nav 2009 Application Design book and the skills I learned when I did have access to Navision. Will I need to buy the software just to take the exam?

I'm hoping it's not necessary since the job I'm applying for has everything I'll need in their office.

Also, is there a time limit for this exam? How long does it general take to complete it? If there is a time limit, is it like you're giving a certain time constraint and you can do part of the test and later do the rest or must you complete it all in one sitting?