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eStore Advantage for Great Plains

Streamline Your Business and Automate Your Web Orders

eStore Advantage creates a fluid electronic payment process by connecting your Web Store directly to Great Plains so you can automate web orders, improve operational efficiency, and increase net margins. Enter new order and account information directly into Great Plains, post payment and sales order data in real-time, and accept multiple payment types and origination points. Process and submit web orders quickly and easily, eliminating double-entry errors and freeing resources previously dedicated to manual order processing.

For countless companies, handling orders initiated from a storefront is a time-consuming, inefficient process. To overcome the challenges, Nodus Technologies created eStore Advantage. This enterprise-level application manages transaction details and allows vital information to be communicated seamlessly between your Web Store and Microsoft® Business Solutions-Great Plains. Leveraging the advanced functionality of Credit Card Advantage and Microsoft eConnect technology, this dynamic solution seamlessly integrates your existing storefront with vital back office applications.

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