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Credit Card Advantage

Speed and Simplify Your Credit Card Processing

Credit Card Advantage delivers a powerful, flexible, and secure internet-based credit card solution that enables you to verify credit card payments over the web in real-time. This solution seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Business Solutions - Great Plains, Small Business Manager, CRM, eCommerce, eOrder, and eConnect to provide an open architecture that readily supports the addition of payment gateways and diverse business environments.

Connected Convenience: The Ultimate Credit Card Advantage
Credit Card Advantage connects your credit card processing with your accounting solution for fast, efficient management of electronic payments. Numbers are pushed through a secure, seamless pathway and recorded in your general ledger automatically eliminating the potential for human errors and delays associated with disconnected systems.

Credit Card Advantage speeds and simplifies credit card processing from the instant a card is swiped to end-of-the-month reconciliation. Faster approval times and automatic data transfer to your accounting solution increase productivity, reduce overhead, and streamline operations.

Efficient Transaction Management: Receive fast, accurate verification of electronic payments in seconds and efficiently manage electronic payments. Credit Card Advantage creates a fluid electronic payment process between your credit card processing and your accounting solution for smooth, accurate data transfer at each transaction. Choose whether to charge immediately or pre-authorize and book payments to be charged upon shipment.

Advanced Detailed Reporting: Create your own multi-query reports with summaries, detail settlement and daily transaction reports grouped by credit card type to streamline reconciliation with bank statements. Robust reporting dramatically reduces time spent reconciling credit card transactions and frees your resources for other essential business processes.

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