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LaserNet Output Management - 10 reasons...

Save handling and resources. By distributing business documents automatically, your colleagues can use their time on essential work. Reduce the number of wasted re-prints and documents.

Release the resources of the IT- department. Let the business unit maintain their own customer documents themselves. It is very simple to maintain the document portfolio by using Word and the user-friendly tool, LaserNet Developer. This makes it possible, for the first time in history, for non-experts to maintain output from an ERP or Legacy system.

Find your documents. Allowing LaserNet to store your documents, helps increase employee satisfaction. Eliminate time wasted looking for pre-printed documents.

Increase customer satisfaction. The customers can get their documents in the preferred format. It is even possible for them to view their own documents on-line, using LaserNet Archive (web-based).

Save money on postage. LaserNet enables you to send business documents by fax,e-mail (pdf), e-boks or XML. The savings on printing, envelope and postage are approx. 1€ pr. business document. Let LaserNet convert and deliver the documents – automatically when printed.

Be ready for the future demands. According to the Danish Institute for Future Studies (2002), the marketplace demands many different formats of documents in order to do business. Its not EDI “or” XML “or” Print “or” PDF. It´s an “AND”.

Increase productivity. Speeding up business processes enables significant increases in productivity. Expedited information delivery to the end point reduces the time employees spend searching. Paper-intensive systems can be replaced with quick and flexible electronic ones.

Shorten the development time of reports. More than 20% of the internal time used to implement an ERP-system is spent on building and designing reports. With the built-in (What you see is what you get) tools, it#%92s only a matter of minutes before the first layout is produced.

Adapt to customers needs. LaserNet can deliver your business documents in any format and any layout using any transport carrier.

One-to-One Marketing. LaserNet allows you to personalize documents for targeted marketing initiatives.