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Posting Rules

Basic rules for the forum is:
1) Only announcements and offerings that is directly pointed toward MBS products, users or resellers. I.e. new add-on products or tools, a new solution center, new employees.

2) Not allowed are announcements and offerings about other products that only indirectly or not at all are pointed agaist MBS products, users or resellers, i.e. general recruitment services, "We do it all for less than the others" or servers or hardware products.

3) The same announcement or offerings may only be posted once. This mean that a member cannot post an announcement about a new add-on more than once, unless it's an updated version with many new enhancements. It's not important that it is the same person posting the offering if it is the same company.

4) Users making posting here must publish valid information on their profile. That means a real name, a real company a real email address. SInce this is a public anouncement area, you will want people to be able to get in touch with you. (Added 2003-07-02).

All postings are moderated before made public and continuesly missuse of the forum will lead to expell the poster from posting more to this website.
  • Hi Erik, this should be a great forum, and very usefull. The only issue I would have is item 3/ normally after a month or so items get lost, and will slip away, so I think it is a good rule to start with, but maybe it would be good to try this out for a month, then review.
  • U must just try to do your best for now. That's why you're two to do the "job".

    And of cause we will review the rules after a period.
  • I want to add another rule.

    Users making posting here must publish valid information on their profile. That means a real name, a real company a real email address. SInce this is a public anouncement area, you will want people to be able to get in touch with you.
  • What can I say? Of cause this rule should be added!
  • Now we just need to get people to use this forum.

    I think we are suffering from a forbidden fruit syndrom here. When a person is not supposed to post into a forum, they want to. You create and open forum, and no one uses it.
  • Erik,

    This forum does not seem to have been used as yet, I would just like clarification on the recruitment side of things. Point 1, seems to suggest that new employees can be recommended on, point 2 suggest general recruitment is not allowed. Would it be possible to include things such as:

    Axapta Developer 3 years development experience based in Herts is looking for a new permanent role in the Midlands, would prefer to work for an end user. Salary circa £30 000.

  • Hi Chris,

    actually this is not really the purpose of this forum, but borderline. I think more correct usage would be to post here something like.

    "... and I have recently left my position as an xxxxx ... and am now looking for something new. Please refer to my classified add in the Positions wanted --here put a link to the URL"

    The purpose of this forum is to anounce smoething new, if it was used for direct recruitment, then it would just become and unpaid classifieds section, even worse, we would have recruitment agencies posting here.

    On a side note, 3 years Axapta and you only want 30k ? , I would assume that by now you have a lot of offers. You may want to take a close look at how valuable your asset is before offering it too cheaply.

    In any case, I will wait for Erik's remarks, but I think we may end out deleting you posting.
  • Chris,
    I think David is 100% correct in his "reading the rules". At least that was the purpose of this forum. To announce something new. Something of interests to the users of this forum. So if you would like to announce that you had oppened up a new Navision or MBS Recruitment Office in London, then this would be an announcement of general interest. If you (not one of your clients) had hired a new MBS Recruitment Officer, then that would also be ok to announce.

    It's not a forum to post free classified ads, no matter what you're trying to sell. But I admit that it's often difficult to say what's an ad and what's a news announcement. That's why we got David and David as our moderators.

    (To David: I think Chris say 30k, because he's dreaming of hiring people at this price! [;)]).

  • David / Erik

    Thank you for the clarification.

    On the £30 000 for a developer, the gentleman concerned is working for an end user at the moment and only has knowledge of one module and one implementation and is looking to expand his experience in a solution centre. If he had a wider experience I would expect him to command a higher salary, but equally I do not want to saddle him with certain expectations that a higher salary would demand, or force a solution centre to over invest as undoubtedly any solution centre will have to invest time and money in getting him up to speed.
  • Chris,
    Ok that explains it! [:)]