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Something for free from Microsoft !

Don't know if this belongs here but:

I used to programme in visual basic, then moved into Navision, did not need the VB anymore so I let things slide.
Been reading a lot about and sharepoint, potals, SQL etc:, so I thought I had better start doing some research, and I found that most of what I wanted I could get for Free!
Microsoft SQL Server Express, and Visual Studio Express that is, no expiry no restrictions.

This is what I found, so i can't use the cost as an excuse anymore [V]

Thought these links might be usefull, for home use that is.

Coupled with Microsoft SQL Server Express, the Visual Studio Express editions provide a tool that meets the needs of a wide range of software enthusiasts, including beginning Windows® developers, hobbyist Web developers, amateur game developers and even hardware developers. All the editions of Visual Studio Express will be offered as free downloads: Visual Web Developer™ Express, Visual Basic® Express, Visual C#® Express, Visual C++® Express and Visual J#® Express