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"Bad Wolf"

OK - We have had a few Doctor Who related polls now and this Saturday is the final episode of the current series.

During this series, the Doctor and Rose have been dogged by the words Bad Wolf wherever they went, hinting at someone manipulating events around them.

Last week it was revealed that the Daleks were behind a conspiracy, but apparently they themselves are not Bad Wolf...

I thought it was time to ask those who have been watching, who they think Bad Wolf is...
  • I guess you didn't see last weeks trailer to next weeks episode, you know wiht all the flying Daleks, in the trailer they make it clear that Davros is back (either that or the Master has made one of those stupid voice modulators that we all made when we were kids to sound like a Dalek).

    Mind you up to then it was the Master all the way, especially the subtle ".. beware of my Master..." No doubt next season the Master will come back to help the Doctor fight Davros.

  • ...Or maybe he just has a sore throat? [:D]
  • So did you make one of those modulators when you were a kid?
  • OK, so Bad Wolf is .... Rose ??? [V][Duh!][xx(] hmmm

    I was really trying to get over flying Daleks, but urggh.

    I really believed that the Master was going to save everyone for some archaine reason.
  • Oh, and how did Davros get turned into an octopus?

  • Hmmmm... 10 out of 10 for being visually stunning, 1 out of 10 for having a plot that made little sense at all.

    If the Daleks were trying to trap and kill the Doctor, why not teleport him aboard their ship and finish the job instead of all the mucking around on the space station?

    I thought the Master was going to show up as the whole thing with the television programs was far too imaginative for the Daleks... The mocking 'Bad Wolf' message would have been his style, to beat the Doctor is not enough, he has to show off as well...

    I don't think the Emperor was Davros. As I vaguely remember the original Daleks (The grey and black ones, who already had an emperor) and Davros were at odds with each other, and Davros had waltzed off and created his own army of 'improved' Daleks (White and Gold) and declared himself Emperor as well.

    There was a war between the two factions and I expect that Davros' side lost and the grey Daleks decided to go for a copper coloured makeover.

    Who was Bad Wolf: I don't think it was Rose - I think it was the TARDIS acting through her...

    Is it me or are the stories wrriten by the guest writers a lot better than those written by the main scriptwriter??
  • If you have watched any of the confidentials, you will realize that the new head writer is a total git.

    How on earth can a Doctor Who writer be even talking about special effects, his job is to blooody write, not create scenes that will allow specail effects.

    Personally I think the space ship made from an egg beater a sparkler and some tinsle was a thousand times better than the crap on that last episode. (hmmm, that may have been blakes seven, but you know what I mean).