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Best Doctor

Edward's cool signature got me thinking of this topic.

In the weeks to follow will be: best companion, best enemy and best gadget, so lets not discuss those yet [^]

Luckily there are only 8 options, so I was able to leave "Doctor" McCoy out.


OK well since no one hase voted for McGann, and since he really isn't a Doctor, (movies don't count right), I have replaced him with McCoy. Edward, sorry you can't vote again [xx(]
  • quote:
    Luckily there are only 8 options, so I was able to leave "Doctor" McCoy out.

    Originally posted by David Singleton - 2005 Jun 05 :  14:31:42

    A pity! He's the only one I knew! [:P]

  • Unfortunately, as David doesn't appreciate Sylvester McCoy, I have voted for my 2nd choice, Peter Davison! [:D] (Child of the 80's...)

    The McCoy stories were either truly terrible [B)] or terrific fun[:D].
    I quite liked the fact that they made the Doctor mysterious again, instead of just a Time Lord (A useless collection of dull extras in very high collars... No wonder they were all wiped out during their war with the Daleks...)

    BTW Was it me or was all of last Saturday's episode nothing but 45 minutes of padding...? [xx(]

    "Splendid chaps - All of them!" [:D]
  • Hello Jan-Pieter,

    That is the whole question of the show! We don't realy know who the Doctor is... Let me explain...

    Doctor Who is a UK TV Science Fiction series which is syndicated in a number of other countries which has been around since 1963. The basic idea is that the mysterious hero is known only as the Doctor (Hence "Doctor Who?"), who can travel anywhere in space/time machine called the TARDIS.

    The TARDIS arrived in London in 1963 & it disguised itself as a Police Telephone Box which was common sight then, and got stuck in that shape (It's bigger on the inside than the outside... Don't ask me to explain - It will take too long...) since then it has stayed stuck, even though there are no longer any Police Call Boxes...

    Each time the actor who played the Doctor wanted to move on, he would "regenerate" (He's not human - Just likes to pretend to be...) and get a new body (New actor)...

    More info...

    Being British, Doctor Who is something you cannot escape from and it is strange having to explain such a cultural icon (The words "TARDIS" (Meaning something that appears bigger on the inside than outside) and Dalek (Meaning a soulless mechanical object)) are in common English usage...
  • I lierally bumped into Tom Baker once, at the tube nearest Broadcasting House, he was The Doctor! Everyone in the carriage was awe struck. He has Charisma.
  • The thing about McCoy, is that his public acceptance (or lack of it) was citted by the BBC as major decider in dropping the series, he really can't live that down.

    I guess he was one of the Doctors that brought something new in, but in doing so helped kill it.

    And yess, last week should have been one episode, not two. In fact just watching confidential was enough to not need to see the actual episode.
  • oh its a show ...

    Well probably it is good, you english are known for that (mr. bean etc.)
  • quote:
    oh its a show ...

    Well probably it is good, you english are known for that (mr. bean etc.)

    Originally posted by janpieter - 2005 Jun 06 : 07:38:34

    hmm "a show" really doesn't cut it actually.
  • Anna and Edward, one other thing, is that I really did mean best doctor. I have to agree that the actual episodes with McCoy were great, well written, and definitely edgy, but he just (in my opinion) didn't cut it.

    BTW its quite interesting to watch "Gone In 60 Seconds" (I mean the crappy remake, not the excelent original), and then watch a new Doctor episode, quite a contrast in roles.

  • It's the old question - "Favourite" Doctor or "Best" Doctor...

    McCoy would be my favourite for nostalga reasons, but I would have to concede that others got it nailed better, especially the comedy element...