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Selling against Oracle

Years ago there were several 'intelligence' documents available. But I cannot find anything related to Oracle anymore (there are plenty of commercial links selling "%/&§$&%" documents for US$ 80-100). What I need in short form are the (Navision-Financials) features against Oracle E-business 11i. Anybody?

I am willing to pay for good information, but what you get from some 'professionals' is really bu******.
  • Have you checked the PartnerSource web site for the document "MBS Battle Card - Oracle 11i"? If you can not obtain it there, please contact me.

    Esat Karaöz

  • Thank you,
    but I cannot find the mentioned document(s) or anything related. The only stuff I can find is quite old (2002) (from ). However, thank you for the hint.
  • I am not able to send the file to you, thru this message. Because, as far as I can understand, there is a size limit for the attachments that goes thru this forum.

    Please send me you private e-mail to and I will reply it with the attahcment asap.