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Creating new language module

how easy/difficult it is to create a new language module in navisin?
which documentation can i refer to to find out how to create a new language module?
  • You could use the translation-toolkit - ask your NTR for it. Should be on the Tools-CD.
  • quote:
    Originally posted by rmotzer

    You could use the translation-toolkit - ask your NTR for it. Should be on the Tools-CD.

    I guess Jordan is really thinking about a language module. Not only a tranlsation of the application. But that includes the helpfiles as well as the fin.etx and fin.stx ect. And these files have to be 'sealed' by Microsoft.
    A long time ago I was asking Navision SEA for the Thai language module and our NSC offered to do that or to help at least with the translation. In the meantime (years later, several Thai version form several NSC's were around) they presented a language module including helpfiles and etx/stx. After all it was working but some Thai friends have had fun to read the translation (e.g. periodic activities was translated into something... how can I say... you know...).
    Jordan, if you really want to do that, contact NSEA and ask for help. However, that will be a lot of work: even with the tools.
  • thanks walter. this is only a prospect. it's best to know what's the effort required before jumping into.
  • My suggestion at this stage is to stick on to std single-byte language if possible. DB is always a tricky thing. Not only the translation but the "length" will be shortened etc...just like the Chinese language as well.