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Diffrence between Gopro retail and pluspos

Can any one tell me the difference between gopro retail and pluspos.
  • I believe GoPro and Infostore are the two products most worth comparing, especially since both are well represented in the Middle East. You can find an Infostore partner listing at

    Good luck! Let me know if you have any Infostore questions.

  • PlusPos is simply the old name for GoPro Retail.

    Actually it's also the same as BMI Enterprise Retail Solution (this solution just have many special US additions). See here for more information:
  • Thanks for the information to Mr Erik.P. Ernst
  • Hai Eswar,

    I hope thats ur Forename, Can you please let me know whether you are an end user or NSC Employee ?

    Can you give me more details about yourself.

  • Just wanted to straigthen minor details out.

    Landsteinar Retail (formerly known as GoPro Retail) is the name of the complete retail solution from Landsteinar. Landsteinar Retail contains both a back office solution, simply known as Retail Back Office, and a front office solution known as PlusPOS.

    Are you intrested in Landsteinar Retail as an end user or a NSC? Landsteinar Retail can only be sold trough a certified partner of Landsteinar so I would appreciate if you could give some more information about yourself.