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Navision - Companies

Dear all,

I would like a list of all navision partners and navision company users. Could someone advise the best way to get the lists.  Google is one way but too much research.



  • Hi,

    The partner part  is easy - use Microsoft Solution Finder - End User companies are not published.

  • Hi,

    As Dave says then you can get a lot of the partners using the Solutionfinder. But getting a list of all Microsofts Navision company customers is surely not something which is public. Not because Microsoft is a bad company, but which software company would tell the names on all their customers?

    Personally I would love such a list also, would be a great marketing tool. But I guess that Microsoft's competitors also would love such list!

    My best suggestion on how you can get in touch with as many customers as possible is either to sponsor one of the big Microsoft Convergence conferences or buy advertising space here on this website.