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Conectivity Navision with WinCC (Simens - Simatic)


I would like to know, does it possible to conect Navision 4.0 and WinCC( Simens - Simatic). I d like to have unlimited vertical integration throughhout the company, from commercial and logistical processes, through to the production processes.


  • Simatic can have interfaces like rs232, rs485, and ethernet, so this is definately possible.
  • Check out the following website:

    it may give you some ideas on designing an interface.
  • If that is through a continuous socket server, then you will have to develop an external component that does the legwork for you and have it send your messages through MSMQ or something like that. The Navision socket adapter is not able to keep a connection alive.

    We have developed an interface to a Siemens warehouse system, although I am not sure if that is a WinCC system. The name Siemens triggered a reaction though, so I thought I'd chime in.