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Dublicate Check


Is it able to upgrade the dublicate check in 3.70., that i'm able to find Company AND Persons as a double.

Greet Markus

  • Hi.
    Are there no informations about this?
    Everyone understand my question?

  • quote:
    Everyone understand my question?
    Originally posted by markusroth - 2005 May 20 : 07:47:33

    I guess your word by word translation from German to English is confusing a lot of readers. (BTW, you should ask "Anyone understand my question".) However, I am not a/the teacher here and English is my 2nd language, but I try to "translate" you question (for my mind word by word back into German and than into English again).

    Markus is asking for a possibility to check for contacts AND companies at the same time while using Codeunit 5060 (DuplicateManagement).
  • This change is easy to implement but you need help from you Navision partner or a developer licence.