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Advanced Capture Data System

Hi all,

did anyone used ADCS for Navision 3.70A?

I'm having problems to configure Navision + ADCS to work with my wireless terminal.
I change in regedit VT100Pluguin properties, but my antena didn't receive any kind of signal from Navision. I try with HyperTerminal and it works.
I need to configure something in Navision?

Can anyone help me in this question?



Nuno Mota
  • I had also this problem.
    But its running now very well.

    If you have installed the complete packages on your local machine with XP SP 2 then the security is the problem. We don't have found a solution.

    But then we have made a installation like you will have it in real live. With a Server running 2003. 5 minutes later we had the connection.

    Maybe you should do the installation local on a 2000 system.

    by the way, it runs really good, we don't have any troubless. It's very stabel compared with prior versions.
  • Hi,

    >>Maybe you should do the installation local on a 2000 system.
    I have windows 2000 SP4...
    I cannot connect with my antena of my wireless equipment.
    What and where you made configurations to your equipment?

    Best regards,