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Eyjafjallajökull... or simply Iceland volcano?

Just found in NYT comments this link:

Some Icelandic networking company has put several webcams around the Eyjafjallajökull, which has paralysed Europe and not only it from last WED, and nobody knows how long it will be going on... The previous time, some 200 years ago, they say it lasted for 2 years, avg temperature falled for 4C all over Central Europe...

Yes, and why I put it in BreakSpace - the article in NYT was about journalist trying to catch people on streets and ask them to pronounce the name of the volcano. It's almost impossible to English-speaking person even not to pronounce it correctly, but to pronounce it at all... At last they got a woman from Iceland Embassy, who was a native speaker...

I've noticed, that even big & serious news channels avoid to name the volcano, saying only Iceland volcano, anchormen seemingly don't want to blame themselves pronouncing it incorrectly.