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Why you must unlearn your MBA

From times to times there's this recurring topic which pop up on BOS (Business of Software forum)

"Should I get a MBA or create a product/Micro ISV"

Generally the answer is : go to the product creation route.

DHH confirms that in this great talk given at Stanford :

Why you should unlearn your MBA :

A must see, mainly if you're planning to get a MBA
(might be useful if you just want to be a manager at Procter & Gamble or IBM, but certainly not if you want to create a small dev/consulting shop)

97% of what DHH learned at Copenhagen business school is totally irrelevant from what the real world look like at 37 Signals,
the 3% which was relevant was pure common sense, ie: a product must have a price, you should be able to make a decent margin and being able to sell & market  the product ...