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DateFormula Field

I got a dateformula field it constains the days it takes an item to get to our main offices in Kentuchy. I work in Mexico so I want to add 4 more days to this value. I am getting and error message.
How can I take US Lead Time and add it more days ?
Thank you in advance

  • Hi,

    Depending on what you're really doing, and in what system. If you're using Navision 3.xx and you are talking about shipping an order, then you have a wide number of fields you can work with to do this.
    And are we talking shipping time, item lead time? And are your position a location in Navision? Is you location a warehouse or do you ship directly to your customers in Mexico?

    If we talk shipping time, then you can alter that on the customer. Is your office is a location, where you then ship to you customers also in Mexico, then you should create Stock Keeping Unit cards for the items and then use Transfer Orders and the Transfer Routing to setup up the shipping time.
  • Technically you can write something like this:

    EVALUATE(x, FORMAT(Item."Lead Time Calculation") + '+4D');

    Where x is again a dateformula field and I assume you are using Item "Lead Time Calculation" field.
  • Thank you a lot naveenjain! I was looking for a function.

    Next time I will explain myself better and I will include code, the truth is I really want to start making changes to Navision on my side (Mexico Company) because I've been using it for 4 years but only as User.

    Heve a nice day!!!