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MRP Question

About MRP

In the Planning, If I got the result of MPS about 20 lines, that#%92s fine because I got the correct MRP. But if I got the result of MPS about 150 lines, the false was occurred because the MRP missing. I am sure that I set up data in Item Card correctly.

Question: Have u seen this problem, if yes how to fixed it, if not please give me some idea to fix it.

I am looking forward to here your answer.

  • Hi

    This is such a complex area that I can only suggest you veify the settings in your files and try to locate any anomalies that might be ocurring, if you are still confused you can give a specific example, and this can be examined. Apologies for not being more helpful, but more details are required. The majority of issues with MPS and MRP runs are down to the understanding of the system and the settings in the system in my experience.