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Different Status for different user

there is a requirement like this: only the ProductionManager could change production order's status from planned to confirm,and only Manufacturing Manager could change the status from confirm to released,and only ManufacturingClerk could create new planned ProductionOrder. How can i do it through roles and permissions? Thank you!
  • Two way,
    1) create a table to define the rules based on user/user roles and change the codeunit 5407 "Prod. Order Status Management" to follow these rules as well.

    2) If can not create table, and you do not mind hardcoding then, hard code th erules in the codeunit itself.

    Hope this will help.

    Naveen Jain
  • Hi Joe,

    Another option is FYI:
    when the permission table is defined, you can add some code to make whether the control change status is available according to the defined permission
  • If you are using an SQL server, then use the security filter to define 3 ROles, One for Status Filter "planned", One for Status Filter "firm Planned", One for Status Filter "released"

    Assing these roles to the relevant Clerks, Managers, Production Managers.