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hi all!
I#%92m new employee of NSC and I have read almost all documentation, passed exams (Financial Management, Programming), but I haven#%92t a practically knowledge about Navision Attain and fill myself will be able for implementation. I have a couple of months before a very large project and I should be know a best way to study Attain. My role in the project will be a developer.
Can anybody to share his experience?[8)]

Thanks & regards
  • I think you did almost everything what you can do. OK you are a beginner (aren't we all), but you have to start sometime. What you are asking for is reading material which handles experience, and that does not exist.

    Maybe you can start thinking of specific cases, specific business scenario's and try to implement it using standard Navision as much as possible, and do customisations when needed.

    Anyway, congratulations on the exams.
  • As your role will be developer, my suggestion for you would be to build little module(s) in a test database. Practice your coding and then look at the code in the existing objects in the database.

    What this will do is get you thinking of possible coding solutions for your module(s) that you're creating. Looking at the existing objects in the database will help and show you the Navision (MBS) way of coding .

    Finally what I would suggest is to look at the Developer Forum here at and just browse through the topics - it's amazing how much you can pick up from here! [:D]

    Good luck. [;)]
  • Hi Ruslan,

    as a developer, the hardest and toughest task on the road to success, you have just done... akcnowledging that you need to ask questions.

    Connull is putting you on the right track as a starting point, I would like to add a few more tasks.

    The best path to being a good programmer, is to understand the product. To do this get a Navision database, and a client license (that's right, no development tools), and start to post documents.

    I always say that no one is ready to develop in Navision until they have posted 1,000 sales invoices, and understood at least the last 100.

    By posting, I mean everything from Purchase planning, G/L setup, creating customer and items, and then invoicing and applying cash receipts.

    By understanding, I mean knowing why there was a debit to a variance account when you expected a credit (and vica versa).

    Once you have done this, you are ready for the big test (the first big test I always give to developers... try this, read carefully, it is not as easy as it seems).

    The test is this, you are required to perform the following tasks in Navision.

    1/ Create a sales order to a new customer.
    2/ The sales order consists of 2 items, a resale item costed at FIFO, and a Manufactured Item at Standard.
    3/ The Manufactured item has a production BOM of two components, costed af FIFO
    4/ Warehouse management is on and bins are in use.
    5/ Create a Production order,
    6/ Create a purchase requisition,
    7/ perform all the steps to create the invoice to the customer and vendor, and apply cash and print a check(que).
    8/Print a trial balance and explain all the lines.

    So why is this tough everyone askes... well here is the preparation I do for the student before they start.

    1/ Create a new Navision installation.
    2/ Delete all help files, on line help, manuals etc.
    3/ Open Cronus database
    4/ Delete ALL companies
    5/ Create completely empty company "Test Company".
    6/ Start.

    The student must create all G/L accounts, posting groups, warehouse, bins etc. And they are required to pass this without any Navision error messages. And of course no acces to a developers license to "cheat".

    If you can do this, then you are on the path to being a great developer.
  • Hi David I value your suggestion but the test(The student must create all G/L accounts, posting groups, warehouse, bins etc. And they are required to pass this without any Navision error messages. And of course no acces to a developers license to "cheat".) seems too hard.

    B'cos if someone's able to do what you have asked successfully and explain it, he could as well become a functional consultant(not exactly).

    One point really to be noted is that you need to(or must) learn the functional area(concepts/features) etc. to be a real good programmer. When you realize that whatever you develop/make has impact on other areas and how it affects? Is it ok or not? Is that the requirement of the Industry/Market? Does your development/modification alters the basics of business practice?

    I think I have added a good list on my own but try to think on these terms also, then you'll enjoy not only developing but also the value of your development in terms of the quality work you are doing.

    Good luck.
  • Hello, I did the same thing as been written. Yes work for 6 year with navision and like it. The best thing I have done to train myself was, writing all the workinstructions (=like manuals) for intern use. So when you make something, test it, write your workinstructions, when you do this you will find out all the connections and settings you used and if they are the one you ment to used.
  • The toughest part about programming in Navision, is knowing when to program, and when not to program. If you don't know the product, then you can't be a successfull programmer. It is very important to remember that Navision is a ERP system, it is NOT a programming language.

    I remember way back in the past some where I once ran an advert for a Navision developer, it contained a sentence something like "...those with VB or Access exprience need not apply..." Not sure why that is relevant here but... . I do know that the guy that eventually got the job, now successfully runs his own NSC, so maybe there was a point here.
  • That is actually great advise, David. I know I have spent countless hours developing functionality that already existed. In each instance it seemed like Navision did a better job then me. There is a certain value in this, however. It was interesting to get something working that was essentially a built in function. When I found how Navision did it, it has always been a great learning experience. I see why you did the VB/Access thing as well. I tried to help prep an Access guru for the testing and I swear it would have been easier to prep my 8 year old daughter!!
  • i am new in navision env. can you help me by giving some e-book, or material, or any reff.
  • Hi,

    you can download many pdfs from

    this books about Navision 3.10 and 3.60 all books are in english.
    kind regards