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An affordable shopping cart for Microsoft Dynamics RMS and POS09


Hi Online Retailers! is your constant endeavor to give the best possible deals to your customers. At the same time, you are ready to go that extra mile to ensure that your customers get things they want in the easiest possible way. However, sadly, most of the shopping carts do not live up to that expectation. If you go for a better visibility of your products, you have to cut down on functionalities and vice versa. To meet this two ends what you need is a flexible solution and believe it or not – such a solution is hard to find!

For months, studies were carried out on various shopping cart platforms; findings were analyzed from retailers’ perspectives and finally mapped those to 24SevenCart shopping cart solution. The team at 24SevenCart understood that a shoe retailer may need something different from a cosmetics retailer or a wine merchant may need a few more things than a cigar merchant may. Like your individual businesses, you want complete flexibility to run the online store in your own unique way. The outcome of our endeavor - Well, it’s very simple and equally flexible. We have an online store solution in the form of 24SevenCart that offers ANYTHING that a retailer wants - completely customized and tailored to meet your specific needs only.

24SevenCart is not constrained by a list of modules and options only. Besides ton of options, 24SevenCart is 100% customizable and gives complete operational and architectural flexibility to the online store owner. You can add any module you want, give it any look through any design of your choice and simply host it anywhere! Naturally, no two retailers may have physical stores that look or work in the same way and with 24SevenCart – their online stores will be unique too!

So, next time when you think about your profit – think how satisfied your customers are when they shop at your store. Your customer need a safe and secured shopping environment with lots of options to choose from besides an easy navigation from one corner to another of your online store. 24SevenCart is one of those very few solutions that come at a very reasonable pricing capable of meeting all the conditions an ideal online shopping cart should satisfy.