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Route Planner for Dynamics NAV users in distribution industry

We recently learned from one of our prospects that they need a solution to help streamline their daily route-planning process. As a result,  we developed Route Planner, a very easy-to-use add-on for Dynamics NAV, to fulfill their needs.

Based on their requirements, Route Planner is fully-integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and is designed to help warehouse managers optimize daily route-planning processes and determine the best route for each truck. Optimizing delivery route plan helps to improve customer satisfaction, increase delivery efficiency, and save transportation costs.

Users are able to view orders, trucks, weight, and volume all in one form. Route planner can automatically calculate total weight and volume of each truck, so when a truck is overloaded or overweight, users can re-arrange route by changing the assigned truck or move orders from one truck to another. Route Planner is integrated with Microsoft MapPoint2010 to show driving directions and highlighted routes and stops displayed on a map. Users can also print truck order packing sheet to load truck in reverse stop order.

For more information, you can view a fact sheet and watch a demo at Since one of our customers likes it a lot, we think this add-on will help lots of NAV end users in distribution industry and other partners as well.