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Hello ,

we are an  Industrial Retailer in India with Branches spread across the country , at this moment we have need to implement ERP at 3 locations and total number of users will be about 15 , few partners have suggested us below solutions :

1  NAV with 3 full licences   and about 10 Web Users  ( some partners have made some kind of web interface where users can do entries etc  on web without access to any reports ) , In indian Micrsoft charges about 1200 USD for full licences and about 100 USD for Web access users  


2   AX with 1-3 full licences - costs about 10 % higher than NAV and a Microsoft's own Web Inerface - costing about the same as for NAV - 100 USD - but we must buy 25 nos of licences  !

cost of implementation for both  remains almost same .  

  pros and cons of both as I can make out are 

AX :

Advantages : Includes CRM - , Cloud tech, Microsoft's own web support 

DisAdvtg  :  25 users ? is this a regular practice of MS or only for India ?

NAV :  

Advantages Highly customized & localized for India 

Disadvtg:  25 Users minimum !!

My concerns are 

AX - Is this actually only for very large organisations , what is the harm of implementing say for 15 users company ?

NAV - How reliable can a partner  be for web Interface - is this solution developed  by MS or Partners ?

           CRM - Do we need to buy this seperatly or is there any other way ?

I await comments .




Rajvinder singh


What will you suggest 

  • 1. Do not look at web users - very slow... it will cost you more in lost productivity. Buy normal users - $1200 actually very cheap.

    2. CRM is overrated... NAV CRM covers basic needs - most likely will be fine for you.

    3. Do not comare AX vs NAV - compare partners. You are buying system to help you make profit - find partner who will help you make profit. System by itself does not help... You need partner that know your industry, your competitors and can propose best practices.


  • Hi Rajvinder,

    The cost should not be only driving/ decision making factor, you should look at the functionality offered by both the products (ask the partners for demo), compare them and then take a decision.

    As someone already said, I also feel that NAV's Relationship Management part should suffice for you.

    I have a feeling that Ax will be costlier, navision is easy to customise (will reduce maintenance cost).

    One of the factor will be size (or growth) of database size.

    you should also consider to use LS Retail with Navision.