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Recommendation requested for NAV Value Added Reseller needed for conversion from 3.6


Our company has been utilizing Navision version 3.6 on SQL 2000 for about 5 years now and are planning to upgrade to version 5.0. We have "not" been satisfied with our current VAR from a standpoint of technical reliability and accurate estimates. While they are the largest they seem to be unable to meet our requirements consistently. Rework is all too often necessary. Training, support and knowledge of the system limited.

Our company is primarily distribution based with 250 users, across 23 branches nationally. Warehouse Management, Reservations and EDI are modules that are used and hope to be expanded upon. The current 3.6 version is heavily modified both from internal modifications and VAR mods.

We are seeking a new VAR to manage this conversion to 5.0 and I would like any feedback from personal experience of VARs that you have worked with that you would suggest being considered or not considered.

Thank you in advance !

  • So to think about recommendations we need to know more:

    - Where are you from (country, region)?
    - Is an international VAR, not located in your country acceptable?
    - Do you want to have the conversion be done on-site or is an off-shore work acceptable?

     If you think  about it you will come up with more questions...