Which Dynamics Platform?

I know this is a loaded question, but which Dynamics platform is best suited for which business?
I have been trying to figure out the differences between the products.
I had hoped that this would be documented somewhere, but I have been unable to find anything concrete (even from Microsoft's Dynamics site).
So can anyone help out with the difference between AX, NAV, GP and SL?
Or perhaps a site with information regarding the differences?

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  • I am biased.
    AX is the baby of the set, it was initiated by Navision/Damgaard when they merged.
    Implementation for geographically distributed environment on same platform.
    Huge scalability (hundreds of users).
    Relativley difficult to adapt for business requirements.
    Good functionality for project control.

    NAV is the fast maturing adolescent.
    New Windows version in the early 1990's - has developed and matured since then.
    Have seen it used in 1 man/woman/dog business and as local solution in global corporate ERP strategy and most points between all over the world.
    Obeys 80/20 rule : 80% business fit out of the box across all functions and 20% delivered by partner\agent.
    Easy to adapt for business requirements.
    IMHO provides more functionality, more opportunity with less cost and less maintenance thany any other product in the marketplace (including SAP).

    SL and GP.
    Who needs them?