Which Dynamics Platform?

I know this is a loaded question, but which Dynamics platform is best suited for which business?
I have been trying to figure out the differences between the products.
I had hoped that this would be documented somewhere, but I have been unable to find anything concrete (even from Microsoft's Dynamics site).
So can anyone help out with the difference between AX, NAV, GP and SL?
Or perhaps a site with information regarding the differences?

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  • Well I guess the question differs based on who you ask. My own background in the Navision (Dynamics NAV) world might paint my picture too.

    AX (formerly Axapta)
    This is properly Microsoft's best product toward the midsize to enterprise level company. It offers many of the enterprise level features, known from bigger packages. It also has strong manufacturing and distribution features. A good solution for a streamlined/centralized smaller enterprise active in many countries.
    The cons about this package is that the projects (just as with other bigger products) often are getting rather heavy and expensive.

    NAV (formerly Navision)
    The strength of NAV is it's usablity and rapid development environment. Microsoft primary target this product toward the midsize segment with 20 to 200 users, but I know of many companies with many more users (up to 1000 users). It's also a very good product for international corporations with many subsidiaries in many countries, due to the rapid development and implementations. Good for practically all types of businesses.
    The cons of this product is properly that it's base application is not as strong as AX and it's SQL implementation is not as good as it could be (but it get's better for each release).

    GP (formerly Great Plains)
    I must say that I don't know too much about GP. But it used to be one of Navision's biggest competitors on the US market and basically targets the same businesses (midmarket). And even today, you don't find it in many other countries than USA. It's being told that it's general ledger module is one of the best.
    The cons of this product is primary that you don't find it outside the USA.

    SL (formerly Solomon)
    Personally I used to work with this product many years ago as an end user, but I wasn't really too impressed. Today this package has been redesigned and is being focused toward smaller and midsize companies in the project management, service and distribution industry.
    Like GP the cons is that you primary find this product in the USA.

    But let's hear what the other members are saying too!