Which Dynamics Platform?

I know this is a loaded question, but which Dynamics platform is best suited for which business?
I have been trying to figure out the differences between the products.
I had hoped that this would be documented somewhere, but I have been unable to find anything concrete (even from Microsoft's Dynamics site).
So can anyone help out with the difference between AX, NAV, GP and SL?
Or perhaps a site with information regarding the differences?

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  • GP & SL are both of USA origin, AX (Axapta, Concorde XAL) & NAV (Navision) were 2 competitors in Europe - and then came Microsoft an` bought them all Big Smile To be more precise AX and NAV joined before becoming Microsoft Business Solutions.

    As from MS, they position NAV for small/medium businesses, AX for medium/large, the last being generally more expensive for the approx alike functionality. Both ex-European systems have their strong & weak points - NAV in comparison to AX lacks Project Management, has clumsy Manufacturing and so-so Resources&Jobs, but NAV IMHO has better analytical possibilities (especially in v4) and Budgeting, besides there is a bazillion of NAV Add-Ons just for every possible need not covered in base version - a catalogue is available on Dynamics site.

    There are of course many other differences, not knowing your needs (and country of residence), nobody can tell you what to choose. Can`t speak about GP & SL, lets wait what will forums` US members say.

    BTW, they say in foreseeable future (years, of course) all 4 will mix up in one joint product - MS doesn`t want to compete with itself...