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InfoWorld: Forrester points out missing pieces in SAP's A1S hosted ERP

SAP's Business ByDesign on-demand suite lacks simplicity, ease of use, says Forrester analyst

By Kathleen Lau, ComputerWorld Canada, September 20, 2007

SAP's launch Wednesday of Business ByDesign, a hosted on-demand offering for mid-market customers, is a significant improvement relative to its other offerings in this space, but simplicity and ease of use still remain elusive to the vendor, an analyst observed. 

According to Ray Wang, senior analyst for enterprise applications with Cambridge, Mass.-based Forrester Research, SAP's new offering is complex despite considerable research into the mid-market space. "Key features like easy access to reporting, quick portal construction, and easy integration to Office remain missing." 


Rival mid-market vendor Microsoft expressed no concern for SAP's new hosted offering.

"While we certainly recognize other vendors as formidable competitors, at the end of the day the SMB spot is our sweet spot. We've been servicing this space for years," said Nancy Teixeira, group manager for Microsoft Dynamics with Microsoft Canada.

"We understand that this is a market that other vendors would certainly like to go after as well."

In the new year, Microsoft will offer on-demand service as an option for its mid-market customer relationship management products, said Teixeira.


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