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Introduction Juergen Terborg

My name ist Juergen Terborg. I'm employeed at Terex Germany GmbH & Co. KG in Dortmund and working with Navision since 1999.

Our Navision is 2.60 D with native DB. We have about 120 users. At the moment database size is 58 Gig with 38 Gig used (licenced 65 Gig).

We are using Inventory, Sales, Recievables, Purchase, Payables, Manufacturing, Fiexd Assets, Cost Accounting, Distribution. The customizing is about 90% - that's why we are still using 2.6...

The hardware (at the moment) is:
2x Xeon 500 MHz
11x RAID1
1x GB network

the new hardware (coming soon):
2x Xeon 3.2 GHz
16x RAID1
2x 1 GB network

We have an additional server with 2 or 3 clients running. One client is a scheduler doing different jobs all the day and even more jobs at night. Another client is sending and recieving XML-files to/from an external warehouse. The 3rd client is doing a backup (with expand it utility) everey 3 hours (everey hour, when the new server will be running)