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Let meeee entertain youuuu

There is an aeroplane flying through the sky full of passengers when suddenly both engines die and the plane starts to plummet to Earth. This was caused by a serious error in the engine management systems Firmware caused by incompetent Contract software engineers but that is a different story. And NO I didnt supply these contractors!

Anyway The pilot of the plane announces to the passengers that the plane is plummeting to Earth ( see, told you)  - there is nothing can be done about it so prepare to die ....

All at once a very Handsome, Fit, James Bond sort of man stands up( If you want to imagine how he looks...dont think of Paul Croucher or Steven Weaver :)) . He turns to the passengers on the plane while removing his shirt revealing the sort of Torso only found on incredibly fit men and Recruitment Consultants. He shouts..." Is there a lady on board who would like to be treated like a REAL woman before we crash.."  

Towards the rear...he see's a lady's hand shoot up into the air like a pupil desperate to answer the teachers question. The man leaves his chair and strides purposely to the woman- his eyes locked on he reachers her he extends his shirt to her and says " Here...Iron this"