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NAV Freelancer

Hi folks!

Well, I read the posting rules for this forum and I hope for a generous interpretation of this posting to get published Wink

Those of you who are browsing these forums frequently may know me for a couple of years. I have plenty of experience with nearly everything in touch with NAV, and I boldly claim that I'm a pretty good troubleshooter, especially when it's about NAV on SQL Server.

So far, I have always worked - more or less - on "customer" site, within inhouse NAV development departments or smaller MBS partners. This will change!

I proudly announce that from beginning next year - 2007 - I will run my own business as NAV freelancer (one of the very few in Germany). Party!!!

I do not really compete with "official" MBS / MS Dynamics partners (I'm not going to aquire new customers or sell licenses), but I offer my skills and services to both, NAV customers and partners.

For further details please visit my webpage or contact me!

With very best regards,


  • Welcome to the other side.

    Actually the rules for this forum are that you can post new information about your business activities, I read this as within the rules (but that's just me).

    By the way there would be nothing to stop you also posting in the jobs wanted forum.
  • So Jörg,

    a warm welcome from one of the other "few" NAV freelancers in Germany. Hopefully your business is running well.