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Clever accounting??

3 business men have lunch in a cafe.

When they have finished, the waitress gives them the bill which totals exactly £30.00.(This cafe is not in London obviously!!)

They decide to split the bill equally  so each pays the waitress £10.00

The waitress returns to the till and discovers that she has made a mistake! The bill should only have been £25.00!! So she decides to refund the £5.00 but thinks... "They didnt give me a tip so I will keep £2.00 for myself and return £3.00".

This she does and gives each man £1.00 change.

But wait a minute! This means each man only paid £9.00.

3 X £9.00 = £27.00.

And the waitress kept £2.00 for herself.

£27.00 + £2.00 = £29.00



Now consider 3 business men in a £30 million deal.... :)  

  • What £1.00 ?

    Each person pays £9.00 (£10.00 - £1.00)
    The waitress gets £2.00

    The bill was £25.00

    25 + 2 = 27.

    I think your mistake, was that you needed to Subtract 2 from 27, not add it.

    It all adds up correctly.
  • This is one of those trick questions that's design to mislead you based on how they present it.

    The trick is at the last part of the statement, where £27.00 + £2.00 = £29.00. The original bill was £25.00 + £2.00 tip. But the question says that it was £27.00 plus the additional £2.00 in tip.

    Nice try, but posting a question like that in a forum where people solve problems for a living will not net any question marks.  =)