How do I become a Certified Navision Developer

Back in the good ole days, the process of becoming a Navision developer started with you learning Navision, say as a user, then maybe you moved up to the Reprot designer as say the Navision Sysadmin for your company, somewhere in there, you probably did some user training, wrote a few specs up, and then after 1-2 years you got certified in Navision, and started developing.

I was Navision certified so long ago, that I have no idea what you need to do nowadays, but I do know that it all about tests and bits of paper, rather than knowledge of the Navision product and its implementation. But thats another thread for another day.

For those that want to get started as a Navision developer, I would like to put together a step by step of what to do. I don't mean "how to become a good Navision developer", for now I just mean how to "get a label you can stick on your forehead that says you are a good Navision developer".

So if people that either have first hand knowledge, or have just gone through it would like to help, please post a list of steps, once they are all together, I will complie them into one topic for the beginers thread, and sticky it in place.

Thanks all.

PS, please don't copy paste from MS, I want this topic to reflect what rally goes on, to make life easier for Newbies, and I might even get certified again myself for fun.

PPS I don't want to know about specific test questions etc. I just want the Test IDs, the steps, the minimum requirements etc. If you want to give some hints such as "Learn how bbins work, there are questions about it" that would be good.

  • My tests are some years ago as well.

    We had a test called "Product Specialist" which I did NOT pass. And that just because of "Company Consolidation". I just never have used that, neither did our customers, so I failed.

    I'm still feeling bad about it.[}:)]
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