How do I become a Certified Navision Developer

Back in the good ole days, the process of becoming a Navision developer started with you learning Navision, say as a user, then maybe you moved up to the Reprot designer as say the Navision Sysadmin for your company, somewhere in there, you probably did some user training, wrote a few specs up, and then after 1-2 years you got certified in Navision, and started developing.

I was Navision certified so long ago, that I have no idea what you need to do nowadays, but I do know that it all about tests and bits of paper, rather than knowledge of the Navision product and its implementation. But thats another thread for another day.

For those that want to get started as a Navision developer, I would like to put together a step by step of what to do. I don't mean "how to become a good Navision developer", for now I just mean how to "get a label you can stick on your forehead that says you are a good Navision developer".

So if people that either have first hand knowledge, or have just gone through it would like to help, please post a list of steps, once they are all together, I will complie them into one topic for the beginers thread, and sticky it in place.

Thanks all.

PS, please don't copy paste from MS, I want this topic to reflect what rally goes on, to make life easier for Newbies, and I might even get certified again myself for fun.

PPS I don't want to know about specific test questions etc. I just want the Test IDs, the steps, the minimum requirements etc. If you want to give some hints such as "Learn how bbins work, there are questions about it" that would be good.

  • Oh by the way, if you are viewing as a guest, please sign up, and add your comments, if you are just starting in Navision, then its your comments we want here.
  • I recently had to recertify. The part I am not sure about is if you can just get certified in Navisiond evelopment without working for a solution center. The development capabilities are managed through the licensing, and that can get VERY expensive (I believe the full deal is 28 thousand dollars), so just the certification does not guarantee you that you will be able to actually do the work in Navision.

    There are two exams that you have to take:
    - Attain Programming (yes they still call it Attain Programming, it says so on my certificate)
    - Navision Development

    I don't have Partnersource open, so I don't know the numbers of these exams. Usually the numbers will be available from the exam website. You will have to take the exam at a Microsoft certified exam center. Back in Holland that was Sylvan Prometric, and here I went to a place called 'New Horizons', probable affilliated with a national organization. Those guys have centers all over the US, and you should be able to find them through either partnersource or your solution center.

    Then, the license.... We used to all have personal developer licenses, but for some reason Microsoft is not refreshing those anymore and we now have one company license. I don't know if that is because of the status at Microsoft of the company that I work for, but it seems that personal licenses are no longer supported.
  • Here in Holland we have company licenses to. No more personal licenses.
  • I am a new beginner. and i have no idea about navision. i have some cds but dont know how to use them. still i am trying .

    will u pl. let me know on which topic i should be thourough. like sqlserver 2000 , xml, c/al programming

    pl. help me


  • bandana, I will be collecting a number of posts from MBS Online, and compling them together over the weekend.
  • another way is to find a solution center and work your way up from there.

    Back in the good ol' days, training was FREE!! Now Microsoft charge for these courses. [V]

  • Basically yes the NSC path is the optimal way to go. I am not planning anything differnt.

    I just want to give advise to people on how to become good at it, no matter which path you choose.
  • As and end user, I think you probably have to take a different track.

    first get your company to license the basics form designer, dataports and reports and tables. From this you can study the basic cal programing guide that comes with your CD. this will give you a feel for programing, but is very limited because you can not access cal code on forms, which to do any real developement is a must, you also can not access code units.

    Once you have done that and see a future you have to convince your company to license the application designer granual, which at last check was around $8000. This will give you access to cal code in forms and codeunits, as well as most tables. You still can not access certain protected tables, such as posted entries, but you can disign most everything in Navision, except very advance items. Once you have done this, you then could be hired at a solution center and take the rest of the path to be Navision Certified, there you would have access to the developer license. Which last time I check was around $26000. and really out of reach of most people, and even most companies that are end user Navision users.
  • David, good comments.

    Actually in the early days of Navision, you were not able to go to Navision training until you had 1 year of experience with at least report designer! The rule of course was not strongly enforced, but it was there.