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Axapta programming book – MORPHX IT

I have written an introduction book on how to use the Axapta development environment.

The target group is newbie's to Axapta development. If you are a programmer, a technical person, a consultant who wants to learn about the Axapta development environment or simply just want to catch up on a specific area, the book will be useful for you.

MORPHX IT is not just a walk-through of the development environment in Axapta, as the book is based on the authors more than 8 years of experience on programming in Axapta.

You can get the book from here:

For more information, reviews and download of samples from the book:


Best regards
Steen Andreasen
  • Dear Steen Andreasen,

    I am very glad that the book of axapta is available. I don't remember whether the book have been announced in or not, but I think I am interesting to read it, although I am in navision but someday I can be in both (nav and axa). tks for your attn.