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Vendor Management Software Solutions (New Developed Program)

Coming soon Screen Shots that will show our PO Tracking software. These shots will show shipment tracking for your International shipments as well as Domestic shipments. How about our detailed Warehouse detailed Receiving Report showing Bin Locations!



We are Great Plains Dynamic users for over 7 years. Our company needed to keep track of all of our overseas shipments with our vendors. For the past 2 years we have developed and finished a custom beneficial program that allows full visibility of items being shipped from overseas. This program has been fully tested for over 6 months.


Weather you handle International shipments or Domestic shipments you are able to perform shipment tracking for your customer’s orders. If you are importing or have an importing business importing goods from China, Taiwan or any overseas country, this is the ultimate software solutions for you. With capabilities of a shipment search function and a purchase order tracker function you are able to quickly locate critical information to maintain high service levels to your customers thru your customer service department.


The program is completely secure and works with Great Plains 8.0. We have full intentions to implement with 9.0 as well. Some of the features include:



Vendor Log In


         Fax PO to vendor. Vendor uses their Vendor ID login and PO number. This prevents unauthorized use by anyone.

         They simply click on the “Calendar” and point and click for their dates.

         They are also capable of choosing dates for lines that have multiple shipments or partial shipments with the remainder balance left on order.

         These dates are then populated into Great Plains as a “Pre-Calculated” ship date arrival at your dock. Calculations for on the water, customs and delivery to our warehouse.

         The vendor will also receive an email so many days that you can preset for a reminder to the vendor. The following item's are due to ship. Any changes to these dates by the vendor will automatically send an email out to the administrator showing these changes that were made.



By Item Report


         In one view that all employees in the office or out of the office can view.

         It shows Qty on hand, qty allocated, on order, qty on back order and total futures in house.

         It also lists by detail all of your customer’s outstanding orders and customer name with the customer PO number with due dates as well as vendor Po's with the expected arrival date at your dock.

         It also lists any “In Transit” items from the vendor and how it was shipped (truck, air or ocean).



Misc. Features


         Added features include a “Hot sheet” icon to show any items that are ready to ship by selecting a date range. This will enable you to be really on top of any current shipments that are ready to ship from your vendor.

         In Transit feature allows you to look at all incoming shipments that are on the water and due in your warehouse. Your warehouse manager can also plan their work load and hours for incoming shipments.

         You can look up “By Vendor” and have a visual display for all outstanding orders for that particular vendor.

         The “Performance” icon will show you by choosing a vendor on How On Time they shipped their products according to your “Required Ship Date” listed on your PO. How many days they were late or shipped early.



We are looking for market interest. If so you may email back to with any questions you might have.