GL Entries Not in [IMBIBE MASTER$G_L - Item Ledger Relation] Table But I Can Navigate to Value Entries


I've seen some great posts explaining the role of the [IMBIBE MASTER$G_L - Item Ledger Relation] table when trying to link GL and value entries, like this But I still find some system posted GL entries that don't appear in the table despite the fact that in the RTC I can navigate from the GL entries to the value entries.

The GL entries come from purchase invoices and sales invoices and have both sales and cost amounts. I've been digging for an answer on other forums and I'm trying to discern myself, why these entries don't appear in the table but am stumped.

I'm using Nav 2018, version 11.0

P.S. The goal I'm trying to achieve is to find GL entries in revenue and expense accounts that don't have a value entry. My first thought was to find GL entries that don't appear in the [IMBIBE MASTER$G_L - Item Ledger Relation] table but I may be going about this the wrong way

Thank you,

Richard McCarty