sales price discounted by an amount between level parametre

Hello friend, please I have a question on the unit price, once I want to create the order and (enter the item that will be programmed in a special price contract) the price of the second line of the same item is discounted by an amount set in a field in the price contract. I show you an example::
Line NO Item Delivery Date Unite Price LEVEL
10000 122222 21/02/2021 1000 1
20000 122222 21/02/2021 900 2
30000 122222 21/02/2021 800 3
40000 122222 21/02/2021 800 3
50000 122222 21/02/2021 800 3
If you can help
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  • If you are going to do a modification like this, I'd suggest looking at the new pricing experience in BC.  I've not had much time to dig into this, but supposedly it's better designed for extension development.  Also the old stuff is supposedly going away.  Feature Management has Q2 2022 as that date.